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"Denver noise rockers Pink Fuzz have graced us with their newest EP Vitals and it delivers on all levels. The five song EP is full of hard and heavy grunginess led by the duo siblings of John and Lulu Demitro exchanging lyrical barbs while drummer Forrest Raup delivers on the skins. Pink Fuzz is no stranger to putting out amazing music as their debut album Speed Demon was on repeat for us for the latter part of 2018. On Vitals the band maintains the same integrity with a more polished sound that emits a sense of maturity and well structured songs that carry on throughout the EP." - Nov. 13th, 2019 - Robert Castro ULTRA 5280




"One such group is a modern throwback, straight up, rock & roll outfit you might have heard of called Pink Fuzz. I’ll be damned if their new EP Vitals didn’t kick my ass as soon as I pressed play. The Demitro siblings have done it again, and Denver’s Silo Sound made sure the polish was on point. Kick your weekend into gear with some Vitals, I dare ya.

From the opening slayfest “Missing Piece,” to the closing tune “Get a Grip,” featuring bass player Lulu’s haunting vocals, the whole EP is a heavy, well-articulated sonic party. Go get some.

There have been a few truly excellent releases by local bands lately, so the next couple weeks we’ll dive into them in more detail.

Rock & roll!" -  Nov. 14th, 2019 - Duncan Taylor

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Denver rock’n’roll favorites Pink Fuzz have been hard at work since the release of their 2018 record ‘Speed Demon’. The trio, comprised of sibling duo John Demitro (The Velveteers) and Lulu Demitro with drummer Forrest Raup, just dropped their music video for their single “Turn.” We’re excited to premiere the video here at BolderBeat, which is a follow-up to their last video “Enough” and features some familiar characters including Fast Finger Frank (David Landry of Boot Gun). Prior to the video’s release, we caught up with Pink Fuzz to learn more about their latest cinematic endeavor and their upcoming Midwest tour. - June 11, 2019 - Bolderbeat 



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The music on “Speed Demon” is a showcase of how far this band has come with their song writing. Sludgy riffs, ripping guitar solos (think your favorite track off Smashing Pumpkins. “Mellon Collie” meets QOTSA’s “Era Vulgaris”) and driving rhythms are still a large part of this band’s sound. But what stands out on this album are those song’s counter parts. Pink Fuzz can still throw down with the heaviest in rock n' roll, but what is setting them apart is their ability to balance that with beautiful melodies and a wide array of dynamics. LuLu and John’s vocal harmonies in these melodic driven moments are a highlight of the LP, as their voices blend together in a way that is instantly recognizable. With John’s vocals taking on the style we’d expect from a love child of The Stooges era Iggy Pop and Marc Bolan. While LuLu’s silky smooth vocals channel more of a Josh Homme written melody with a Beth Gibbons (Portishead) style delivery. Their individual vocals drive the intensity and fluidity of other songs, the entire band’s talent and experience shines through seamlessly to create an incredible performance through out the entire album. There is no doubt that this band can shred, but it is clear that everything was played with intention; not a note or beat is wasted or over played. - August 16th, 2018 - ULTRA 5280